Negative screening is the term applied to the strategy of avoiding stock ownership in corporations which violate your personal values. Now, with capitalism supporting a postmodern value structure, the choice of values is up to you.

Negative screening is a tactic to seek out companies that DO NOT have undesired policies rather than those that DO have desired policies; see positive screening.

Typical negative screening choices would be to avoid investment in corporations which provide products or services which have part in causing health problems, environmental destruction, violation of human rights or fair employment practices, or corporations which have unfair business practices or policies.

Another negative screening choice could be to avoid investing in certain states, races, organizations, religions, or political groups. In theory, if you found that there were too much power in the hands of Liberal, black, Swiss, Unitarian Universalist, theatre clubs, you could avoid investment in such enterprises.

Specific common examples, however, include weapons contracting, exploitation of human and natural resources, equal opportunity, employee relations, nuclear power, alcohol and tobacco, weapons, gambling, and treatment of animals.