Daimler-Chrysler's mind-blowing concept motorcycle that was unveiled at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show. The Tomahawk consists of a Viper V-10 engine suspended between two pairs of tires, creating a machine that can truly carry the adjective "extreme."

It is 102 inches in length, 37 inches tall and weighs in at 1500 pounds. The 10-cylinder, 90-degree V-type engine is liquid cooled and has a displacement of 505 cubic inches (or 8.2 liters.) Maximum power output is 500 hp (372 kW) and the engine's peak torque output is 525 lb-ft. The crankcase holds 8 quarts of oil and the cooling system requires 11 quarts of coolant.

The lighting system is made up of 20 LEDs, 12 for the headlights and 8 for the rear. The lamps tilt with the movement of the wheels to illuminate the path of the bike.

The transmission is a manual two-speed and connects to the engine via a dry two-plate clutch and to the wheels through two chains. Each front wheel has a 20-inch disc brake with 2 calipers (8 pistons) apiece and each rear has a 20-inch disk with a single 4-piston caliper.

The bike has not been fully tested and so the 0-60 is estimated at 2.5 seconds and its top speed is estimated at 300+ mph.

Most motorcycle enthusiasts will wait with bated-breath for real numbers to be released or, God forbid, actual production.