Junior is a motion picture slang term used on set for a lighting fixture with a 2000 watt output and a fresnel lense. Sometimes also known as a deuce or simply as a "2-K."

The Junior is a workhorse of a light often used as a key light on smaller sets and as a kicker, backlight or rim on larger productions.

Like most professional lighting fixtures the 2-K comes in two sizes: Standard and Baby. A Baby Junior is a 2000 watt lamp in a smaller housing and favored by gaffers for those times when you need 2000 watts of power on a cramped location.

Occaisionally a Junior housing will have it's lamp replaced with a 1000 watt bulb. In this situation the fixture is known as a "Gutless Deuce."

Junior is also a term used for the 1 and 1/8 inch mounting stud attached to these units. To place a Junior on a stand the stand must be equipped with a "female" Junior receiver.