It turns out one of our office workers,  Jessica comes from a family of veterans.  Her grandfather served on the USS Arizona and is buried aboard that ship.   He was at Pearl Harbor on. December 7, 1941 only that day he was working on another ship.  He raced back to the Arizona, but fortunately (for him) did not make it aboard before a Japanese bomb penetrated one of the magazines and blew the ship in half, sinking it.   Jessica showed me his picture as an old man, back on the ship and signing autographs.  A year later he had passed at a ripe old age, but still plagued with a measure of survivor's guilt

Jessica described the interment of his ashes.  Divers take the urn down and from what she said it sounds like they place the urns in the hull at or near the spot of the explosion.  The diver is chained to the surface. Ropes are not used because for some reason the hull of the Arizona is subject to some very severe currents.   The diver goes down, clutching the urn in both hands, because the current is so strong. When a member of the family signals the urn is released and quickly sucked into the hull.  

If you are in the family. of an Arizona survivor and choose, the memoral will be cleared for the internment so only family is present.  I didn't ask what Jessica's family chose, but i enjoyed i pictures and suggest that if you can visit the Arizona Memoral you do it at low tide,  because much more can be seen.