He felt strange...He knew for some reason that he had woken up from a long dream. That long dream materialized itself as his life. He felt like he had lived twenty-some odd years in a dream.

He could remember dates, parties, family, friends and what he had eaten yesterday. Or at least what he thought he had eaten in his dream. He sat up, realizing that he was lying on his back in a bed. There were posters, a desk and a tv in the room. It looked nothing like the bedroom he was used to. He suddenly felt very confused.

A thought occured to him. With everything so different, would he still be called the same name here, wherever he was? A voice suddenly filled the air, called out for Amanda.

The door flew open and a woman entered. "Get out of bed! You'll be late for school!" she screamed.

It was about this time when he finally looked down at his body...only it wasn't his body. He was wearing a T-Shirt and...panties. His jaw dropped. He couldn't feel his dick. There was something else there...something he'd rather it not be there. His head started spinning.

Another voice interupted his thoughts.

"Tommy!" a voice shouted.

His world faded to black. It then reappeared in a different room.

A tall male walked over to where he was lying in bed calling out for Tommy.

His head stopped spinning and he collected his thoughts. Damn, he thought, I just missed my first class! This thought was followed by "What a strange dream..." Which was then followed by him going back to sleep.