This well and good for the first generation, but what happens when Precious Hightower-Jones, lovely and talented daughter of Bob Hightower and Mary Jones, takes up with Everlast Ubermensch-Watanabe, promising son of Arnold Ubermensch and Hermione Jade Watanabe?

OK, not to be a pain in the ass, but this is why I have the name "Alias." My real name is Mary Jones, but it is constantly showing up as a generic example. My mother began calling me "Alias" and then "alias Mary Jones"--and the name evolved from there.

I used to be tempted to hyphenate my own last name so I could include my mother's. My full name would have been:

Mary Frances Elizabeth Kathleen Joyce-Jones.

I'll stick to Alias.

Anyway, it's a creative idea, the above w/u, and I like it. Which means it's probably a joke and I fell for it.