It is said (by Snorri Sturluson in King Harald's Saga, part of Heimskringla) that it was Harald who blinded the Emperor of Constantinople. Whilst no other historian makes this precise claim, no-one else is credited with the blinding (which did happen1, although not to the emperor Snorri says it did2) and it is an action quite in character for the man they called 'the Ruthless'. Much of his money made in the Varangians was plunder from Crete, although he also campaigned against bandits in the Jordan region of Israel. It is said that Harold Godwinsson said that all the English land Harald could have was 'seven feet, or as much as he is taller than other men' - in other words, a grave. Harald's poetic ability was somewhat mixed, as Snorri records that on at least one occasion the King extemporised a verse to his men, and then decided it was a bad poem, and set to work producing a better one.

1: To Michael V.
2: Michael IV.