The Tale of The Mouse
Part the Third

TheMouse gets more messages;

2002.10.26 at 05:58 G****** says no problem. anything that pokes fun at pretentious prose is okay in my book. but why not node this under your real e2 name?

2002.10.26 at 22:23 A****** says You are an alias account.

Which of course brings up the interesting philosophical question of what is real and what is not. (Let us pause for a moment and go away and read a stackload of Philip K Dick and ponder that question.)

Back again? Hmmm, I was actually under the impression that every account on E2 was an alias and that nobody used their real name. Unless you're trying to persuade me that there really was a Mr Bones and Mrs Bones whose child had the given name of Dem (perhaps its short for Demmis?) and if to take an example at random, StrawberryFrog isn't an alias I'd like to know what is. TheMouse is a figment of your imagination but aren't you just a figment of mine?

But I know why you're asking G****** and A******.

The truth is quite simple and uncomplicated, my SO has an account on E2 and spends a good deal of his time here when he should really be emptying the dishwasher. I have been known to look over his shoulder from time to time, so to speak, and I therefore know a lot more about the power structure of Everything and all that kit and caboodle than you average Level1 person normally does. So that should explain that.

And who knows, one day TheMouse may get some votes and one day TheMouse may able to use the threat of downvoting to get my SO to empty the fucking dishwasher like he's supposed to.