Fitshaced (, an anagram of Shitfaced is an online magazine run by Maverick Moonminer, with assistance from the following: Beer and Booze, Jim Goad, Jake Wark, Lurch, White Tiger Tattoo, Rinnigade Art Works, Ken at Wonderdrug Records, Metal Mark and Tortuga Recordings, Hydrahead Records, Hellrazor, Josh Hammerling and HappyDrunks.Com, Rotten.Com, Scissorfight, Cherry Coke, and a few others.

It is difficult to say exactly what the point of the magazine is. My opinion in that regard seems to change each year, and Maverick doesn't seem real keen on pointing it out. However, it can either be taken as satire, cruel humor, angry ranting, white supremist, sexist, violent, funny, or just completely random ranting. It's really difficult to say what the point of it is.

There are only five issues ever made. The story on issue six has ranged from "It will be out in a few weeks" to "I'm too drunk right now" to "Go the hell away!". Each issue is... something for the bleeding hearts to miss. Most articles deal with ways to get revenge, ranting about beer and liquor, ranting about the news, or the occasional intellectual bit. A particular gem is when Maverick tackles PETA and vegetarians in the Thanksgiving issue article "Meat is Murder: Pass the Drumsticks". Through the ranting, and beer, Maverick actually manages to make quite a good argument and has a number of very valid points, which can be found in most of his writings.

Everyone who reads it seems to get something out of it. Some get a new perspective on things. Some get offended and cry. Some agree wholeheartedly. Some disagree wholeheartedly. Some use it to justify some alternate agenda. What you do with what you read is up to you, but I can pretty much assure you that Maverick will neither care, nor help you decide.