This is mainly here so that my roommate can see it since I know that she reads this site:

Happy Birthday Cydnie!

This, of course, was the big event of the day. Another big event of the day was that I took a bath.

I rarely take baths, mainly because I have trouble managing to fit all of my lengthy leg in the tub, Usually 3/4 of my legs are above the water just so that my feet can get soaked. Furthermore, I hate dealing with the constant "drip, drip" of a leaky faucet or the slow draining of a drain that doesn't completely seal.

However, today while I was at work, I decided to take a bubble bath when I got home. Only, when I got home, I disovered that there was no bubble bath to be found. Instead I had bath salts and bath oil beads, neither of which came with instructions.

When I don't know how to do something, I turn to the only source available to answer all of my "how to" questions, Everything. I quickly found the node "The right way to take a bath". There, one poster suggested that bathing of this sort should be accompanied by Bossa Nova music and a good trashy romance novel. However, I was slightly disappointed to find that while there were plenty of dictionary definitions, as well as a few recipes for the aformentioned bathing additives, there were still no instructions for their use. I didn't know whether to use one bead or more. This is still a question in my mind, and if you have the answer, please message me with it.

So, if you plan to take a bubble bath soon, mark her words: Bossa Nova!