The summer days are gone too soon
You shoot the moon
And miss completely
And now you're left to face the gloom
The empty room that once smelled sweetly
Of all the flowers you plucked if only
You knew the reason
Why you had to each be lonely
Was it just the season?

We remember when we went after everything we thought we could make real. We tasted from so many plates and dreamed so many dreams. Anything was possible before we began to rest on our limitations. There were no limitations in those days. We wondered why things weren't happening the way we thought they should be happening. So many things fell between the cracks. We got older. We got wiser. We lost that glimmer we used to have in our eyes. There was a time when we saw reasons for looking to each other but then those reasons became more cloudy. Things became too hard and we couldn't fight against those things the way we once had. Once upon a time we sat in your room and just talked for hours about who we were. Now we wonder if that is even who we still are. We wonder if we even know ourselves. It is even harder to know if we still know each other, but there is something to be said for rediscovering each other again. The leaves still turn outside your room. The seasons change.

Now the fall is here again
You can't begin to give in
It's all over

If we were to say that it was over then perhaps it would be easier. We never said that. We merely walked away. There was no debate and there was no measurement of reasons. We let time create a divide between us and now we fear crossing the bridges that connect us across the years. It is true that we both had reasons for going off in our own directions. You refused to let anyone save you. I refused to let any one person control the tides of my life. As we negotiated each other at arm's length I kept myself busy in the world of lesser mortals. They gave me something you never could. You knew that and you encouraged me. All the while there was a growing pain in my heart that became the only wound I could never heal.

When the snows come rolling through
You're rolling with some new lover
Will you think of times you've told me
That you knew the reason
Why we had to be lonely
It was just the season

Times change and so do reasons. The walks we take are too short along the length of the long pier we've been granted. There is still time. There is always time until our dust decorates the landscapes of the places we once knew and the places that once knew our lives. Whether reality is an absolute or only an abstract concept, there will always be...

Lyrics by Jesse Harris
As recorded by Norah Jones
On the album Come Away With Me
Which they tell me won a metric shitload of Grammy Awards