I've been stuck here for six days.

I am getting pretty hungry too.

I am in the basic computers course at my high school summer school. It is for freshmen. I am a junior who is pretty good at computers.

Laugh. While you still have your trachea. A tracheotomy isn't too difficult to perform with a ballpoint pen, unless you count the zero-tolerance policy at my school.

Anyway, the first day we spent three hours formatting a floppy disk. Three hours.

Laugh. It's not like my self esteem can go any lower.

On tuesday, I played minesweeper for nearly three and a half hours. Straight. It skewed my perception of reality quite a bit, as you can imagine. It also made my eyes really red, and people thought I had been smoking. My contacts decided draw forth nastiness from my tear ducts. I hate eye infections.

I want to castrate the maker of Solitaire right now. That game is like heroin. That and minesweeper.

In short, here I am, in Computer Tech. 1, wearing my glasses, listening to two girls speak really loud trying to drown out the noise coming from their earphones.

People stare at me funny when I listen to Squarepusher. And what? Country's better?

At least I get to write daylogs on E2...