Governor of Otrar, in Khwarazm.

Genghis Khan decides to stop with his expansion at the borders of the Kingdom of Khwarazm. Wanting to become more of a peaceful settling kind of guy, he realises his kingdom sits on the Silk Road, so in 1218 AD he sends off a trade enyoy with a party of 150,000 camels loaded with riches. The camels cross the border of Khwarazm and reach the border town of Otrar, where the merchants stay for a while...

Inalchik then sends a message to Alaoddin Mohammad, leader of Khwarazm, asking what to do with them and implying that they are spies. Mohammed sends the order to have them killed. Inalchick seizes all their riches.

The news reaches Genghis Kahn and, undeterred, he sends of a second envoy that again passes through the town of Otrar, but Inalchik's greed is not satisfied, he seizes all the wealth and humiliates the emmisary by cutting his beard off in the street.

When the news reaches Genghis this time he sends a simple message to Mohammed: "You have chosen war."

In 1220 the Monguls seize Otrar, and find Inalchik hiding in his citadel, they drag him down into the street and execute him by pouring molten Silver into his eyes and ears until he dies.