Origin is the long awaited comic book mini-series published by Marvel that reveals Wolverine's past. The last of the six part series came out last week. Currently Origin #1 is selling for $45US. That's a hell of a lot considering that it hit the shelves earlier this year.

The comic is written by veteran David Finch, -- also known for Darkness, Aphrodite XI, and much more -- and the comic's excellent artwork is done by Andy Kubert, who was also the artist for X-Men in the early 90s, around the time that Joe Madueira started on X-Men too.

Origin begins Wolverine's life as a young child in Alberta and ends when he is a grown man in British Columbia. The characters? I'll put it very simply: There's a deranged mother, a kindhearted father, an evil grandfather, a red-haired playmate named Rose, a scary yardman (who mysteriously looks exactly like a grown-up Wolverine, and whose name is Logan), and the yardman's son named Dog. Oh yes, and what's Wolverine's name? It's James.

I don't want to ruin the story for anyone so I will just say that overall it was a very good comic. Though it seemed to lag at around issue #4 and #5 when it just seemed like that the writer was just trying to fill up space to get to the good ending. The story basically includes everything, action, tragedy, romance, jealousy, irony... What more can one ask for? It also explains how Wolverine got his name, Wolverine, and why he calls himself Logan.

I suggest anyone who is a hardcore fan of Wolverine who doesn't have this series yet to get it! And to any X-Men fans who love Wolvie to get it too. The only problem is, that it's hard to find because everytime it hits the shelves it's sold out in a few minutes. So I suggest waiting for the Trade Paper Back or borrow it off someone you know, if they'll let you.