The Helmsman is also a wonderfully cheesy science fiction series written by Bill Baldwin. A loosely-disguised retelling of World War II with some wide divergences, this space opera in the classic sense tells of a galaxy-spanning war between the Galactic Empire of Avalon and The League of Dark Stars. Full of not-so-disguised references to WWII events, participants, and weapons like the Gorn-Hoff 262, the Defiant and Starfury, and BKAEW.

The series seems to stand at the following books:

  1. The Helmsman
  2. Galactic Convoy
  3. The Trophy
  4. The Mercenaries
  5. The Defenders
  6. The Siege
  7. The Defiance
According to his website, as of late 2008 Bill Baldwin is still kicking, still writing, and claims to be nearly done with the eigth Helmsman novel - The Turning Tide.