Include *sent* messages in our messages archive! Archiving my private messages is cool, but I only get one side of the conversation and later on have no idea what *I* was talking about. Is it possible to include our own sent messages in that list for potential archiving?

Message backup! We can offline archive'd be cool if we could do the same for messages.


(pretty much all my gripes were handled and addressed, so w00t for the coderz.)

Quest Nodes

Given that we now have categories, it'd be cool if there were 'Quest' nodetypes which could be given a category name and a start and end date. Then it would display all nodes in the relevant category that were posted between the start and end dates. Simple and would make tracking quests so much easier! Categories could be made in advance to reserve the name as private, then changed to 'public' when the quest opens and back to 'private' when it closes? Does that work?


COLLABORATION! This could be easily (?) done by grafting the 'Usergroup discussion' mechanisms onto drafts - the draft owner would invite others to comment on the draft and thus create a 'usergroup' and then the draft would be at the top, and the discussion would begin below it. Only those invited would be able to see it.