John Valby, a.k.a. Doctor Dirty, is a barrelhouse pianist working the Northeastern United States. His shows specialize in extremely, joyfully, gleefully obscene songs and ribald commentary on the audience. Although many recommend his stuff for the lyrics and other fun content, this neglects the fact that he actually is a really good pianist; and as barrelhouse is fading, all the more reason to support him.

Song titles include:

  • Skeeter on my Peter
  • Long Island Loopy
  • Get In, Get Out, Quit fscking about
  • Eat bite fuck suck...
  • Philisophical Bullshit
  • Tight Twat Tina
  • Yo ho!

...and many more. Highly recommended. Most recent recording is AFAIK Dirty Digital Ditties. His official website offers more info.