It's easy to claim smallness and lack of responsibility. It's also easy to take responsibility when the results are tangible and immediate. It takes courage and belief in abstracts to take responsibility when one's own individual efforts may never show direct results, but when only a mass of people behaving the same way will make a difference - and you don't know if they will, but you do so anyway.

You're welcome to emigrate to Canada; this is all about freedom, after all. But please, consider for a moment standing to fight the fight that America asks of you through its painful visage, even if from Canada. Fight to make this a country you don't feel you need to apologize for. Fight to make it a country that you feel proud to claim as your birthright.

Because if you don't, then perhaps no one will- and the venal fools who cause it to be viewed the way it is will be uncontestedly in charge - and the rest of us will be in Canada.

Please don't take this as censure, but as a plea.