Er, I'm confused. You want higher than 1024x768 on a 15" monitor? Why on earth? For a FPS, that's more than enough, as WyldWynd states later in 'lowering resolution.' For a Real-Time Strategy|RTS game or other, while it would be nice to have more real estate (always is) on a 15" viewing surface, anything over 1024x768 is (to me!) lost in eyestrain.

Also, some of the newer displays such as the Apple Cinema Display have quite good built-in dithering/bicubic interpolation hardware to run at lower virtual resolutions. If you need to lower the rez for speed, heck, buy a faster video card...those are seriously cheap, especially compared to the TFT monitor.

In any case, such comparisons of size and resolution ignore the primary advantages of the flat panel monitor - the complete lack of eyestrain. Since they don't have a vertical refresh, there is absolutely no 'flicker' on them at all. In addition, they are sharper than their CRT counterparts. Finally, they do not emit any electromagnetic radiation (at least, not appreciable amounts, and not towards the viewer). These three factors both lead to a much healthier and more comfortable viewing experience. If you spend all day in front of your computer, this can be a deciding factor!