I have a new neice. My brother re-re-married and took the new wife and the new kids to Germany with him, where he lives, along with his ex wife and his kids. The letter came in an envelope with a rose printed on the flap and was written in pink paper with a cute little bunny on the front that is holding flowers and wearing a pink housedress. I will type it as written in her burbly girly handwriting; spelling errors are hers and therefore intentional.


Hi how are you doin? I'm ight. I know we don't know each other but I thought you are my Aunt now so would could get to know each other. My name is Erika I will be sixteen in March (12). Hopefully we will get to meet each other one day. I am in the tenth grade. I don't like school much I'm pretty popular though I made most popular for the year back and best all around.

If you wouldn't mind but will you send some pictures of you. I don't have any at the time but when I get som I will send you some so you can see what I look like. When I go back to the states I want to move to St. Louis or Alabama, New York, Lousianna, Michigan or I would move back to my hometown Baltimore MD. I like living in big citys and in the ghetto basicaly. I also wouldn't min living in Dallas Texas. But I really want to move to St. Louis.

A little more about me. Things I like to do are cheerleading, play basketball, watch the guys play football, go shopping, and I like going to clubs and partying. like all teenagers. What all do you like to do? What kinda music do you like? I like Rap that's all I like. My favorite is Nelly, D12 Eminem, and I also like Jagged Edge 112. My favorite song is What Would you do. By city High on the Life CD. I want that for Christmas but I think they are going to get me lotz of clothes. Do you want to ever come to Germany to visit?

Brady was telling me that you was thinkin bout bein a teacher. I think that would be pretty neat if you were a teacher over here. My favorite class is cosmetology. I love doin hair. I got a permit to cut and style hair in beauty shops I took cosmetology for 3 years. My worst class is English cause the teacher is so mean he don't let us talk to much all we can do is talk he last 5 min of class but I like computer class to. School is alright but only somedays. Well Ima go for now and I will holla back atcho when I hear back from ya.

Your new neice,
Eryka Helmick

Hope to here from you soon. Sorry about my handwriting I don't write so neat or talk perfect english theres a lot of slang.

They call me GA in school for Ghetto Booty. I like my name spelled like this eryka or erika not erica. Just to let you know.

Is this like punishment or something?