1. verb To clobber; to hit someone. Implies a heavy hit, as with a club or fist. "Shut up or I'll clobber you!"

2. verb To clobber; to beat someone in a fight or contest. To defeat someone. "We clobbered them!"

3. verb To clobber; to treat someone or something harshly. To denounce or criticize. "The movie got clobbered by the critics."

4. verb To clobber; to paint over the existing decoration, especially applied to the reapplication of enamel on a ceramic piece.

5. noun UK or Australian slang; Clothes and personal belongings. "There was dust and clobber everywhere.".

6 and 7. According to Webster, clobber is also an alternate form of clabber (noun Soured milk, verb To curdle), and a shortening of klaberjass (noun a card game in the pinochle family).