Psst... Hey buddy, wanna buy a duck?

A what?

A duck....

Ummm... You mean a live duck!?


Don't you need a duck license or something?

No. That's just for hunting.

You sure?


Well... What do you feed them?

Not them. It. It's only one duck per customer per day.

Ah. Okay...

You feed 'em duck feed. You can buy it at your local Stuff Mart.

I don't think so... I already have a cat.

You sure? It's only a nickel.

A Nickel!?


A nickel?

A nickel.

Is this legal?



Does that really matter? A duck is a duck.

Forget it. I ain't buying any black market duck.

I'll throw in a web domain for free.

{Exit nate.