August's birthstone is Sardonyx
August's flower is the Poppy
Some odd people have named it the 'Beat the Heat Month'.

August was originally named Sextilis in the Roman calendar, an appropriate name for the sixth month. Emporer Augustus chose to rename it after himself; oddly, he was born in September, not August, but he chose to give his name to August because of its reputation as being a time for auspicious events. Augustus then took days out from February and added them to August, in order to make August as long as July (31 days). (July was named in honor of Julius Caesar).

The full moon this month is known as the Green Corn Moon, Corn Moon, Fruit Moon, Grain Moon, or Sturgeon Moon.

Floating Holidays of August

Psychic Week = First week, Sun thru Sat.
Umpire Appreciation Week = First week, Sun thru Sat.
Umpire Appreciation Day = Saturday of Umpire Appreciation Week.
National Smile Week = First week, Mon thru Sun.
National Family Reunion Day = First Sunday. (An older source sez the second Sunday. Go with your gut.)
National Clown Week = First Week of August.