The timeless argument over God, metanoded for your viewing pleasure.

Everything2 has collected a surprising number of arguments as to whether or not God exists. I should point out that we are here talking about the Judaic-Christian-Muslim god although if you have interesting nodes about other pantheons, please /msg me! You will find some very good arguments for both sides, and you you may find some interesting points not covered in your standard theology coursework. So... Here's God in a nutshell.

Beyond Belief: Why God Cannot Exist
Ten reasons to believe in God

Didn't help? Well, let's go into it in a bit more detail.

Argument from the Holy Book (A weak 'YES')
Argument from the Holy Book

Argument from Non-Belief (An okay 'No')
Argument from Non-Belief
Free will defense

God as a contradiction in terms (Another 'No')
Omnibenevolence and Omnipotence
God has no free will

"God" Doesn't mean what you think it does (A 'Wait A Moment!' from the wings)
Even God doesn't have the right to utterly destroy children

First Cause (A 'Yes!')
First cause argument
Cosmological Argument

Argument From Contingency (A variation on that last 'Yes!')
Argument From Contingency
The Principle of Sufficient Reason

Ontological Argument (One in a long chain of yeses).
Ontological argument
God and the Idea of Perfection The Original!
The Cartesian Argument for the Existence of God

God is Redundant
The Philosophy of Atheism

Argument from design (A quite pleasing 'Yes')
Argument from Design (+ listed sub-nodes)
The Blind Watchmaker
God's shoddy workmanship

Argument From Math (A not quite so pleasing 'Yes')
Guido Ubaldus' proof of the existence of God

Argument from Evil (The best 'NO!' I've seen)
Argument from Evil
Argument from Non-Belief

Problem of Evil
God can't be all good and all powerful at the same time
Free will defense
Why would a god let so many of his "flock" stray?
Dear God: how about that whole holocaust thing?
God is good, people are screwed up

Transcendental Argument for God (A confusing 'yes')
Transcendental Argument for God
The Anthropic principle may come into play here.

Other (This stuff just goes on forever...)
Omniscience and free will are contradictory
Mandelstahm's proof of the existence of God

Mental Exercise: Refute Spinoza
Spinoza's Argument for the Existence of God

Maybe you should also read
The three cosmogenic paradoxes

Existence of the System Administrator

Have more? Of course you do! /msg me.