Surfing is a sport where you ride a wave, with the use of a surfboard or some other kind of floating object.
A surfer rides a wave by standing on his/her surfboard, while riding down the face of a wave. A surfer usually steers the board, by shifting the weight of the body.

Surfing originated in the Hawaiin Islands. Early surfboards were long wood slabs, usually weighing up to 68kg. Therefore only the strongest men could only surf.
Since then surf boards have come down in weight and size, the two main types of surfboards are; Longboards, and shortboards. The shortboard is usually made of Styrofoam and fibreglass, and is about 2-3 meters in height.
Longboards can also be made out of Styrofoam and fibreglass, but classic ones are made out of types of wood. Longboards can be up to 6 meters high.

Modern surfboards have fins on the bottom, of the side facing the water. This is to help steer the board.

Surfing is a very popular recreation sport, for everybody.