I was standing on a hill. Not you normal hill of course, oh no, this one was bright orange.

I looked down at the harbour below, the water was black and there were many cheap cargo ships. I could see lots of tiny white specks in the water.
I ran down the hill, I got down to the flat surface very quickly, even if it was a huge hill. I felt like going to the park. I was, of course, suddenly there. It was raining, raining reaaaalll hard. But I was still having a good time playing on the swings.

I turned around. Strange, nobody else was there.
I turned around again, and saw a huge swarm of skeletons come at me with machine guns. I screamed and ran. There were gun shots all around me, bullets hitting trees.
I fell over. I lay on the ground. I stood up, and wasn't at the park any more. I was in some sort of abstract painting. A bird flew into my head.

I woke up.