A dark fantasy manga series by Kentaro Miura that follows the life of the protagonist, Guts from being found under the corpse of his dead mother as a newborn. The series is a must read for any manga fans. Unfortunately, the series has many hiatuses as Miura frequently travels to find inspiration as well as play idolmaster. The series has been adapted to anime multiple times. The most popular being the 1997 adaptation, covering the events of the golden age arc.

Themes that are touched upon include Tragic heroes. Griffith is an admirable figure early on, though has a darker, conniving side. When emotions get the best of him, he acts on despair and falls to his lowest. At that point, he can rise to power. Guts is a character that is first presented as simple-minded but shares a deep compassion for his comrades and his lover, Casca.

Parallels are another theme covered in Berserk frequently. Throughout the story there are many characters that serve as parallels to Gut's past, other figures in his life, or his own personality. In the Conviction arc, many scenes during the "mock eclipse" mirror events of the actual eclipse.

Other themes include:

- Loneliness/isolation/fending for oneself vs. the value of friendship and comrades

- Confronting internal, not just external, demons

- Resolve to protect what is important to you

- Sacrifice and betrayal

- The lasting scars of trauma 

- The corrupting nature of power