note: in order to avoid putting some sort of disclaimer, the company whose tech support is illustrated's identity is being kept a secret.

My new comp, with its glorious geforce (32 meg, Nvidia). :) One day something with the video card goes wrong. Nothing that uses direct 3d or opengl works anymore. I reinstall drivers. I install updated drivers. Little progress. I call tech support for the company that makes the computer. After being on hold for a while, i get a guy. He asks me what the problem is. I tell him that anything that is using the video isn't working. He goes throuh steps to get me to reinstall the drivers. When this is completed, he asks me if my icons are still fuzzy. Fuzzy? they were never fuzzy i say. He says, oh, then it wasn't the drivers. He tries to convince me that there is something wrong with the settings on the software i put on my computer and therefore stuff that isn't covered by the tech support. I tell him that the windows 3d screen-savers aren't working (3d flower box, etc). He has me go through a procedure to delete these screen savers. I assume he will re-install them or something. He then says, well, the problem is gone. I say no, you just deleted some of windows screen savers. He says, yeah, software you installed isn't set right. I say, no those are windows screen savers you just deleted. He says, no, those are sceen savers that were put there by software they put on. I ask, who is they? He gives a run around and goes back to the idea of my software causing the problem. I tell him those screen savers were part of windows. They come with windows. Any idiot knows that. I wasn't dealing with just any idiot. He continues to try to convince me that those screen savers are not part of the original windows 98. I say, 'thank you' sarcastically and hang up. I call back, sit on hold again for a lengthy period of time and finally get someone who can find their arse with both hands. Too bad i didn't get that guys name.