Band formed by former Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley, after he got fired from Iron Maiden in 1999.

Blaze consists of:
Blaze Bayley: vocals
Steve Wray: guitars
John Slater: guitars
Rob Naylor: bass
Jeff Singer: drums

In 2000, Blaze released their debut album, Silicon Messiah, 50 minutes of pure good oldfashioned hard rock. The album consists of 10 songs: Ghost In The Machine, Evolution, Silicon Messiah, Born As A Stranger, The Hunger, The Brave, Identity, Reach For The Horizon, The Launch and Stare At The Sun.
One of the concepts that can be found in the songs is the sentience, awareness and consciousness of computers. Another topic discussed in the songs is if people are able to deal with being away from home for a very long time when travelling in space.