Alex Ross, born January 22nd 1970, is perhaps one of the best artists in comics these days. His striking visuals and detail for anatomy make his paintings of superheroes as realistic as photographs.
His first published work was in Fasa's Shadowrun First Edition book in 1989. For this RPG he provided some of the interior artwork. However, his first published work in the comic industry was Terminator: The Burning Earth, for Now Comics.
Alex' claim to fame was 1994's Marvels, a fully painted 4-issue miniseries for Marvel Comics, written by Kurt Busiek. It shows the Marvel Universe through the eyes of a photographer.

Other work from Alex include:
-Kingdom Come, for DC Comics (1996), for which he provided the artwork. Kingdom Come was written by Mark Waid
-Uncle Sam, for Vertigo/DC Comics (1997). Alex did the artwork for this 2 issue mini-series written by Steve Darnall.
-Earth X, for Marvel Comics (1999/2000), for which he provided the covers and storyline.
-Universe X, for Marvel Comics (2000/2001), the sequel to Earth X. He did the covers and storyline.
-Kurt Busiek's Astro City, for Homage Comics (an imprint of Wildstorm Comics). Alex provided the covers.
-Superman: Piece On Earth for DC Comics (1999). A tale written by Paul Dini, for which Alex did the artwork.
-Batman: War On Crime, for DC Comics (2000). Written by Paul Dini, with Alex supplying the interiors.