Nickelback is one of those horribly clichéd punk-rock bands that wrote one or two songs with lyrics that young maladjusted teens can relate to and reached a modicum of popularity. However, they are infamous for the fact that they are heavily involved in plagiarism! It is entirely legal though, as the band they plagiarize is Nickelback.

The songs in question are How you Remind Me and Someday, or as they are the same song, roughly, How you Remind Me of Someday. This was noted by a number of fans, most notably Mikey Smith.(not the Jamaican Poet) So he took the two songs and mixed them to play together, with one song streaming mono through the right speaker and the other song coming out of the left. If you turn down your treble and listen to the music, they align with hilarious regularity.

Smith believes this lack of creativity is a sign of homogeneity creeping into North American popular music. Personally I see it as a sign of the crass corporatism of music today, if you happen to fall in the prime demographic, then the industry will churn out plenty of music that will appeal to your vanity or insecurity. Yet another reason to overthrow capitalism.

If you wish to listen to this yourself, google search: How You Remind Me of Someday or click the link.