While Blast (the one Xia referred to) is certainly not for everyone, "bad" is probably not a good way to put it. During the time that Blast performed at the London Apollo Theater, it was advertised as a standing ovation every night, and they weren't lying. More than one person (quite a few, I've heard) have returned to see the performance several times.

Blast is fairly unique so far. While it does bear resemblances to a high school marching band, it's more closely evolved from drum and bugle corps. Nearly every one of Blast's ~70 performers is a former member of a corps, forced out by DCI rules prohibiting performers over 21.

Really, though, Blast is beyond the drum corps level (and, therefore, light-years past high school marching band). Their show runs from traditional jazz/blues, to ballet score, Broadway musical, awe-inspiring percussion breaks, and trumpet solos with enough emotion to bring tears to the eyes of audience members -- All while executing drill that would make your high school marching band director drool in awe. I recommend it both as someone who's well on his way to wearing the tape out, and as someone who's already horded tickets for the St. Louis performance.

"Blast - And a truer word was never spoken. A terrific good time -- explosive entertainment. It is indeed a blast." -Chicago Tribune