'Honey Bun' is a song from Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific, a musical set during WWII. For good, cheap entertainment, watching people you know (a high school drama group is good) perform this scene is excellent.

During this scene, marines and sailors are seated in lines at the end out of the stage, watching the Thanksgiving pageant that the base has been putting on for entertainment. Onto the stage walks Nellie Forbush, dressed in a comically-oversized sailor suit. For her part of the soldiers' entertainment, she sings the following song, eventually joined by dancing nurses and Luther Billis, sporting a hula skirt and coconut bra.

Like I said, it's much more entertaining if you know the actors well enough to laugh at them later...

(quiet intro)

My doll is as dainty as a sparrow.
Her figure is something to applaud.
Where she's narrow, she's narrow as an arrow,
And she's broad... where a broad... should be bro-o-oad!

(speeding up)

A hundred and one
Pounds of fun,
That's my little honey bun.
Get a load of honey bun toniiight.

I'm speakin' of my
Sweetie pie,
Only sixty inches high.
Every inch is packed with dynamite.

Her hair is blonde and curly.
Her curls are hurly-burly.
Her lips are pips.
I call her hips:
'Twirly' and 'whirly'.

She's my baby, I'm her pap.
I'm her booby, she's my trap.
I am caught and don't wanna run,
'Cause I'm havin' so much fun with honey bun.

(continue into Luther's belly dance)

-Rogers and Hammerstein