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This is not about us, we are not special
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Read, then listen to the song, and tell me that your not affected.

Eye U no

Through real life experiences, ive decided that humans are essentially dumb and stupid until they can prove otherwise. Helping is one of the things i use to disprove a person being that. wertperch and JerboaKolinowski have proved otherwise with small amounts of help. They are cool =). Oh, and Lord Brawl.
Go try SharQ's EKW theme. Its almost as cool as wertperch. Free sun glasses avaliable on request.

Thank you, Ill try =), A very big thank you, Cheers, I'm not THAT tasty, I appreciate it =), Thanks, You ROCK!

I like this stuff, because I wrote them:

I have been gone, but may return soon. My last node did not do so well and it got me down a bit, and then games took over and i thus disappeared from this place. Perhaps something will inside me soon. Feel free to link me to any nodes that may do that.

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It's My First Day

My Message Inbox:

Sasha Gabba Hey! says re Spud Webb: I was disappointed that this was not a wu about potatoes. Then again, I'm disappointed by many non-potato related things.

(Then) Sasha Gabba Hey! says I can never thank you enough.

fuzzy and blue says Hey, I notice you've been rocking on The Content Rescue Team : Nodes. Would you like to join the team, or do you prefer to keep dazzling us with your freelance rescues? Either way, keep up the good work!

I accepted and am now part of the team.

#everything funniness:

April 15, 2003:
23:54 <DEVON> jaybonci: FUCK YOU
23:54 <DEVON> By "FUCK YOU" I mean "hey, man, how are ya?"
23:54 <jaybonci> SUCK MY LEFT NUT
23:54 <jaybonci> And my by SUCK MY LEFT NUT, I mean "not bad"
23:54 <DEVON> "left nut" leaves me to assume that you've got another.
23:54 <DEVON> And we all know that's not true.

Goals For E2:

  • Find enough factual things to write about to get me to level 3
  • Reach and maintain a merit level of 12 throught the coming months (currently 16.75)
  • Read more nodes!
  • Be nice =)

Ive received C!'s from the following, in no particular order of preference:

| Posmella x 5 | Noung x 2 | Nothinglasts4ever x 2 | Trina x 2 | Palpz x 2 | NinjaPenguin | Professor Pi | Teiresias | wertperch | orpheum | atesh | Omnidirectional Halo | Frankie | ilmanrvr | ephealy | Davidian | RubenAzarja | sneff | JohnnyGoodyear | aneurin | Transitional Man | 256 | Heisenberg | avalyn |

The way i see E2:

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