A special effects house (http://www.foundation-i.com) which pioneered CGI for television. Foundation produced the space scenes, virtual sets and non-humanoid aliens for Babylon 5's first three seasons and its pilot movie.

The effects in the pilot were created using Lightwave and an Amiga network; more modern technology was obviously integrated as it became available.

The models-vs.-CGI fight was yet another symptom of the Star Trek vs. Babylon 5 fan squabbles when B5 was initially aired. Star Trek fans lauded the "realism" of model photography, while Babylon 5 fans cheered the flexibility CGI provided. The argument was rendered moot when Foundation began providing CGI for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Babylon 5's producers took the special effects in-house to Netter Digital Imaging for the fourth season. Many B5 fans preferred Foundation's approach; while the rendering quality wasn't compromised, Foundation seemed to pay more attention to "real world physics" than NDI.