One of the first martial arts movies America produced. This movie exposed the beauty, art, and violence of martial arts to American viewers. The plot lacks to be honest, but Bruce Lee is sent to an island by the CIA to dig up information on a drug lord's operation. For the sake of revenge, Mr. Han's(drug lord) men forced Lee's sister to suicide in the movie. To do this, Lee goes undercover and enters Mr. Han's tournament.

Great, realistic fight scenes occur throughout the film. Lee's legendary flip kick on O'Hara. O'Hara is a tall, white guy with a mustache. Lee beats up a guy fitting this description in Game of Death and The Chinese Connection too. There is a sequence where Bruce goes insane with nunchaku that displays action choreography beautifully. Nope, your television doesn't vibrate, Lee does!

The cast includes:
Bruce Lee as Lee
John Saxon as Roper
Jim Kelly as Williams
Robert Wall as O'Hara
Kien Shih as Han
Bolo Yeung as Bolo(huge villian in many Van Damme films as well)
Jackie Chan as an extra(Bruce Lee whoops him)


some cast information taken from IMDb