BOSIA stands for Bainbridge-Ometepe Sister Island Association. They are a prominent orginization within the Bainbridge Island community; based upon the sister city notion that the USA and Nicaragua had to improve relations that broke down during the Regan Nicaraguan contra issue.

They help with funding for a plethora of projdects down there, from schools to clean water projects. Another project is trying to get the place wired for networking and eventually a sattelite link to the Internet (wirelessly).1 They also support commerce through Cooperativa Carlos Díaz Cajina, which moves coffee (Cafe oro de Ometepe) from Ometepe to Bainbridge where is is roasted and sold as an exported product.

The relationship between Ometepe and Bainbridge has been fruitful, and many students who go down there find it a transforming experience.

1: I was among the "geek delegation" that went down there, perhaps I will find it in myself to node the experience