The end of a productive packing weekend.

Lesson Learned: Never dismantle a Primus camping stove unless you're certain the butane cartridge is self-sealing

This was a camping burner I was given by a relative a couple years ago. It had been sitting with other gear for 2-3 years. I wanted to dismantle the stove from the butane tank to pack it up for moving safely -- without the butane canister.

Safe indeed. No sooner had I unscrewed the top than the thing started spewing butane gas (and supercooled, liquefied butane) all over the place.

The only thing I could think of is point the spraying cartridge out the window until it calmed down.

Luckily, the laws of physics (PV=NRT) were on my side, and when enough gas had expanded, the cartridge had cooled so much that the butane no longer boiled (around -12°C I think).

Luckily, nothing exploded or burned. I was able to let the remaining butane evaporate safely away from the house.

Note: On the canister, the warning said to `never remove cartridge until completely empty' which is fine except for the fact that it was written on the top where it was hidden by the appliance to which it is connected. Idiots.

Note to self: Buy a self-sealing cartridge next time.

That is all.

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