I think it's time for a little update.

I went to visit my future home in Tasmania about 5 weeks ago, I know it's about 5 weeks ago, because it was a.. fruitful visit.

After 3 days there I've been converted and was ready to move.
Then I found out just how fruitful my visit has been and the move has become more urgent. I've contacted a company that's actually looking for people and was lucky enough that the big boss of the company was in Melbourne (where I live), so I had a quick "interview", which consisted of having a beer with the boss at a local RSL.

Once again, I found that the older you get/the more experienced you get? the interviews get less and less formal, this guy's last name is the company name, so he's somewhat of a big deal, with over a 100 people working for the company. He seemed quite switched on, very involved with the company, but not micromanaging. He spent most of the time telling me about the business and how he runs it, and I just told him about myself (and not even about my work experience).

I am now waiting for my immediate boss to fly up next week to meet me and hopefully I'll sign the paperwork then and there and possibly start my new job in Tasmania early in the new year.

I'm expecting a decent paycut, which wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for my fruitful visit, which means that wifey might be out of the workforce for a couple of years.

So once again, I'm a bit torn about living arrangements, we have semi-decent house in Tasmania at the moment (and getting better and better), but the area isn't great, and not exactly where I'd like my kids to grow up.

Next week I'll know if I have a job there and how much it will pay.
A few weeks later, we'll find out if there's one little Stasik on the way, or 2 (won't that be a hoot!?)

A few days after my visit to Tasmania, my wife was filling up the car, and as she walked into the petrol station, the attendant told her that she was having twins, a girl and a boy, he said he had a knack for these things, so we'll see.

There's still a lot of work that needs to be done on the house, but it's quite livable.

Given the area, I'm seriously considering selling some stuff including my car (and this house) and using all profit to buy a nice house in a nicer area.

My conundrum is that the main point of moving there is so that we can easily survive on a single income. With the current mortgage and even with a paycut, this won't be a huge problem, but if I buy a house 3x the value of this one, we're going to be struggling. This has been weighing on my mind, but I still don't have all the required info, and even then, it's going to be a tough decision. I want wifey to be able to look after a kid without having to work, but I also want us to be in a better area.

I'll have some solid numbers to work with next week, but until then, as usual, I'm working with what I've got, and it's not looking promising.

I've been putting off having kids for various reasons, but one of those was that I didn't want them to grow up poor like me, well.. they won't be THAT poor, but still not even close to what I was hoping for them. I guess a decent house with a decent backyard isn't the end of the world, but I'm really disappointed in myself that I didn't do better.

Wifey and her immaculate ovaries are amazing and combined with my super-sperm, we don't expect any complications, she's been looking after herself and eating super healthy.

I never expected to have kids (or be married), so I didn't prepare for it at all, I was a bit disappointed that wifey, who always knew she wanted kids, didn't do more to prepare for their future, but meh, such is life.
I always thought I'd do much better than my dad, but now when the time comes, I think I'd be lucky to do as well as he did.

Ain't that a kick in the gut.