Sounds like it's been a productive day for everyone.

Busy day, wifey left for Melbourne today, we woke up at silly o'clock and she took off at around 6am. I watched a few youtube videos on my phone and decided that given that I've only got 10 days to myself, I'd better get some work done. I tided up the house, made the bed, hung out some towels, went to the market to get some apples and got back by about 9am.

I decided to make a list of things that I want to get done, then went outside to water the plants, added soil to some pot plants, trimmed some roses and cut down a large tree branch; none of these were on the list. Productive procrastinating.

I then proceeded to try and tick off a few things off the list. I fixed the kitchen tap; I installed it about 4 months ago, but a couple of bits didn't fit, so I left them off, today, I got the belt grinder, sanded them down and installed them. Part of the kitchen wall/ceiling was another thing that was meant to be sanded and painted a while back, but that got put on the back burner because of the baby. I then undercoated the bathroom window and decided that while I'm at it, I should paint the carport truss. It's rusty and visible from our living room window, it's yet another thing that I've been meaning to do since we moved here about 11 months ago. Next to the newly painted truss is the yellowy/beige garage door (and frame) that is now painted "pale eucalypt" to match the roller door.

I had a bit of time between the coats, so I decided to move my "middle" fence a little. This is a metal wire (chain mesh) kind of fence that separates the upper part of my back yard from 'the jungle'. It is attached to star pickets, which I haven't been able to pull out of the ground, so I cut the fence away from the pickets, lifted it over a couple of bushes, and attached it to a new picket. I then searched for a some videos on how to pull out the pickets, it seemed simple enough. I got out my 6 foot fencing/digging bar and a rock, wrapped a chain around the bottom of the picket, and used the bar as a lever to pull out the pickets. I had to try it from different directions if one of them wasn't coming out. I then got the whipper snipper (weed wacker) out and mowed the newly fenced section. While I stood back admiring my work, I realised that this would probably be a good spot for a greenhouse; it's got a couple of small trees that might need to go, and is sloped, like the rest of my back yard, but I think I could build a small retaining wall to even out the ground. This, however, is a job for another day.

I ran out of paint rollers, so I quickly drove to the shops and while there, I bought a few things for the garden. When I got home, I quickly installed the automatic watering system, as I will be going to Melbourne for 10 days on the 24th and would like to come back to some greenery.

Once I finished painting the garage door, it was starting to get dark and I, in turn, was starting to run out of puff. I cut up the big branch that I chopped down earlier and burned it in my 44 gallon drum, along with a pile of stuff that was waiting to be incinerated. I ended up with a few somewhat straight branches over 7 feet long, which I usually cut up and burn as well. Every time I do, I feel that it's a waste and that I should be able to do something with them instead. This time, I left them and as I sat there by the drum, it came to me. I have some boulders under a tree, next to a fence that almost make a circle, I decided that if I complete the stone circle and hang the long sticks from a high branch, I could make a tipi type of cubby house, once again, a project for another day.

By this stage I felt like I've pushed myself a bit too far once again, so I headed inside, had a shower and was in bed by about 10pm. Today reminded me of when we first moved into this 'project' house, almost every day was like this. There is still a lot that needs to be done, but we're getting there, slowly but surely. Almost everything inside the house has been re-done, fixed, painted, though major bathroom and kitchen renovations had to wait due to the expenses involved.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people with boundless energy; I slept in the next morning and woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck. My nose wouldn't stop running, head hurt and I felt like a had a fever. I spent most of the day in bed, though I did manage to finish a little of bit of painting.

I have another weekend to myself next week, so I'm hoping to get almost everything done, though I doubt I'll get to start on building the back fence, it's just too big of a job to try to rush.