Also used in the short story '—And He Built a Crooked House' by Robert Heinlein. An architect built an 'unfolded' hypercube as a house, similar to Tristan's drawing above, but upside down. The first cube on the bottom was the garage and utilities, the second floor (TWIAVBP UK: First floor) was the living room and such with a cube on each side, then another two above.

This was built in California, and during an earthquake, the unstable unfolded four-dimensional structure collapsed into its more stable form...leaving the people inside slightly trapped. Each exit had two ways to go through it; the way that would have led to another room of the house and if you were either distracted or had the right mindset when going through, you would go outside of the cube. One of them discovered this by accident, by falling out a window into a rosebush.