Comprising Tim DeLaughter (vocals), Wes Berggren (guitar), Mark Pirro (bass) and Bryan Wakeland (drums, percussion), Tripping Daisy were formed in Dallas, Texas, USA, in 1991. Their 1993 debut album, Bill, produced somewhat misleading comparisons to the Smashing Pumpkins - the wistful lyrics and the pop-punk construction of many of the songs lacking that group's intensity. Though it passed largely ignored in the UK and Europe, the band became a major attraction on the US college rock circuit, boosted by several appearances on MTV. Their increasing popularity was confirmed by the sales of 1996's I Am An Elastic Firecracker, which featured the single 'I Got A Girl', which again secured regular showings on MTV through its innovative 'Wright brothers' flying-machine video. rmer/TrippingDaisy .html