An album from the pop/rock group, Self.

Released in September of 2000, Gizmodgery is a considered by most to be a musical breakthrough. Using nothing but kid's toys, Gizmodgery moves from break-beat pop, to old-school alternative, to classic 50s rock-n-roll. Matt Mahaffey and Co. didn't waste a second in pulling off the insane task of melding over a hundred different toys into a musically pleasing arrangement. Using everything from Speak & Spells to toy cell phones, Matt brings it all to life with his wonderful production skills.

Track listing:

  1. I Am A Little Explosion
  2. 5 Alive
  3. Chameleon
  4. Dead Man
  5. Trunk Fulla Amps
  6. Pattycake
  7. Ordinaire
  8. Miracleworker
  9. Hi, My Name Is Cindy
  10. What A Fool Believes
  11. 9 Lives
  12. Ilovetoloveyourlovemylove
  13. Trunk Fulla Amps (edit)
  14. Resurrect (Japan Release Only)
If you happen to ever stumble upon this wonderful album, or any Self product for that matter, please purchase it... for your own safety.