A Springboard module for the Handspring Visor that lets you use external memory cards to store your data. The memplug comes in two flavors, one allowing you to use compact flash, and one compatible with smart media. Compact flash will read and write faster, but drains more power. Currently (Oct '01), you can get more capacity in CF form, but you may find SM cheaper. Memplug will soon release an adapter to use memory sticks from Sony, in case you really wanted a proprietary, funny-shaped data format, or you're wishing you had bought a Clie. As most geeks realize soon after buying a PalmOS based PDA, 8MB is nowhere near enough memory to store all the junk you want, so some kind of add-on is necessary. Springboard modules that contain a fixed extra amount of memory (8MB or 16MB) are available, but are more expensive than a memory card + adapter.