I'd title this "String theory" though, that's for a later essay when it's time for my college entrance. Before I get into my typical rant, I'd like to clarify a few things. I'm a new writer, for starters. I didn't know that the use of adverbs and adjectives didn't really enhance my writing, and how "didn't" and/or using anything with apostrophes is considered informal. I also didn't know that the double-space habit that I'm currently doing right now was considered a bit snobby, though it was what I was taught as a child, and I'll stick with it. Instead of the boring physical description that typical watt pad and fan fiction.net writers find it necessary to include, I'll leave that to wonder. My mental age, I feel, far surpasses my physical one, so I'll also leave that out unless specifically asked. This isn't a lecture, more like a dabble in something I've always been afraid to do - freestyle writing without a goal other than to speak my mind.

And, as I read through the preview, I realize my formatting I carefully inserted has given me no assistance whatsoever. ;;

A lot has been on my mind since my English teacher decided to command me to simply tie a string to a tree, and visit it. Her requirement was two weeks, to which I thought, if it's to get me outside - why so little? In conclusion, I've been allowing myself twenty minutes a day when I'm not working. I'm currently in high-school, which wasn't apparent beforehand. I'm taking two AP classes, two CC classes, all-honors and frankly I'm frustrated as all hell. Working part time to fund my projects is stressful, considering I get home at around 10:30 at the nights I work.

Juggling this and after-school social activities (which are surprisingly necessary if I want to get into a decent college) is draining me.

Back to the string. I, as disorganized as I am after school, had tied it to a tree that I had never noticed before in the yard. The yard is by no means lush, and by no means is it relatively perfect. At least the lake beside us isn't stagnant, and the large trees don't block the water too much, so that's a plus. However, something did cross my mind. As an aspiring aerospace engineer (and hopefully a minor in theoretical mathematics or physics), improving our current technology and reducing emissions is a necessity for progress. Though, people of my age, and people who are working full-time usually don't get this luxury. I got to see the sunset, I got to see all of this world that I'm trying to protect by lowering emissions. It's something that I don't think is mentioned often, as I've not seen it on any websites where Engineers run from their caves to communicate at.

And to note, I don't dislike my classes. I love them. I love my work, I love my part-time job. It's to show, nomatter how stressed you are, there's always going to be time to wind-down. It's always important, regardless of career even though I did focus on engineers.

For all with the same aspirations, or maybe even people who are already in some sort of relative field and are trying to improve the world, I have a request. Take a string, or a chain, anything that you would like, and mark a location in your yard. Do not take any electronics with you when you go to visit it, this is important. Twenty to thirty minutes, and just allow yourself peace. Perhaps tea, or coffee, whatever your preference may be, so long as you're outside and near that string. Think, but not too hard. This is an exercise to calm you, not to force you to have some sort of epiphany while outside. Refresh and restart, and know the world you're trying to help.