Commonon name: Salad Burnet. A perennial plant with green flowers present in June and July. Although the plant persists all year it dies back significantly in Autumn to leave a very small plant left to survive through winter. When crushed between fingers it smells like cucumbers, and can be used as a herb in salads. The plant's height is generally 10-50cm, with an alternate leaf arrangement (alternating between each side of the stalk as you go up). This is a wind pollinated plant, mainly present on chalky bases and on Fixed Sand Dunes.

Rooting depth of up to arround 35 feet in order to get to water reserves, as its habitats are often very dry. In very wet conditions its roots rot easily. The soils it inhabits are generally pH 5 - 8, but it can cope with pHs down to as

low as 4. P. sanguisorba is very trample and grazing resistant and will regenerate well and relatively quickly. For this reason it does well in many areas that other plants do not, such as on paths, where it is considerably shorter than in other areas, due mainly to a lack of competition rather than to damage from trampling.