Making an emotional imprint on someone is like stepping in mud. If the imprint of your foot is big enough, it will most likely stay there for a long time, and the mud might even dry and the imprint might stay for years. But there is a chance the imprint might get covered up by other imprints, and eventually disappear. There is also a chance the print could get washed away by rain: other problems the effected person is having. But if you make a lot of imprints there is more of a chance one will stay imprinted for a long period of time.

Sometimes I step on the mud, and step on it hard. I try and, I try, but the mud won't budge. It is not because the mud can’t be imprinted, it is because it doesn’t want to de imprinted. Some people are so arrogant and stubborn that the mud is already dry, and if an emotional imprint is to be made, it must be very heavy to brake into the mud. Others who are open-minded and don’t let their mud dry.

Think. What are you? Some people won’t let someone else make an emotional impact on them because of their race, or other differences. But a lot of people stick up their noses at children. With the way our society has built up, children don’t seem so important, or the ideas they carry. Some children would be able to make big imprints, on many people, if we would only let them be heard. It is like a child’s foot is too light to make an imprint in the mud, so it is easier for an adult.

Now make sure before you walk away without saying a word that you remember; a man, from a child, can make an equal print, even if their feet aren’t the same size.