A "Ham" is also a person who is too caught up in his jokes. He is a comic, and lets people know it. Most of the time, hams don't notice people are upset at their scene- hogging, loudmouthed joking, which sometimes isn't even funny. When combined with wit, they're very fun to be round.

Note not all hams are insensitive- some genuinely notice people and laws and rules, and try to comfort them if upset, or stay quiet in libraries- but they will, undoubtedly, end up trying to cheer them up with a joke.

Don't think they're bad people- they just enjoy entertaining people too much. they try their best to get a laugh, and tend to be found in groups, feeding off of each other.

Xander from Buffy is a bit of a ham, it must be said, but not a bad one.

If you know me, please ignore the awful hypocrisy in this node.