From Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (London, 1880)

ABITIA'NUS ('Abitianos), the author of the Greek treatise De Urinis inserted in the second volume of Ideler's Physici et Medici Graeci Minores, Berol. 8vo. 1842, with the title Peri Ouron Pragmateia 'Ariste tou Sophotatou para men Indois Alle Empni tou Sina etoi Alle uiou tou Sina, para de Italois Abitianou. He is the same person as the celebrated Arabic physician Avicenna, whose real name was Abu Ali Ibn Sina A.H. 370 or 375-428 (A.D. 980 or 985-1037), and from whose great work Ketab al-Kanun fi't-Tebb, Liber Canonis Medicinae, this treatise is probably translated.


An original e-text for everything2. That is, I sat down and copied the text from the book (in the public domain) - it is not available on any other web site. All Greek words are transliterated into Latin characters. I seem to be noding a bunch of this, starting from the beginning. Would be great if I could find some decent OCR software for MacOS 9.