An Overview

Adoption is defined as: "The act of adopting, or state of being adopted; voluntary acceptance of a child of other parents to be the same as one's own child." by Webster_1913. Homosexual adoption is the same, except instead of a straight couple adopting, a homosexual couple does it. The difference when written out in its simplest terms is minuscule. So why is it so controversial, and why have four states banned it?

Children adopted into homosexual families share the same risks as children adopted into straight families.

If homosexuals are allowed to adopt children, then more kids are receiving homes with parents. Every child that is adopted is at risk whether or not that child lives with homosexual parents or straight parents. For example: Abuse, Physical, sexual, and verbal occurs in homes with straight parents. Sexual Orientation does not prevent or contribute to matters such as these; most important of all though: Homosexuality does not equal pedophilia

Sexual Persuasion

Whenever I discuss this issue with friends, this topic always manages to come up. So I believed it best to include this. All I can about this is this; recent studies show that homosexuality may be caused by genetics, and not by the environment in which a person lives. Far fetched? Maybe, maybe not.

Let's move on to the most important issue of them all.

Social shunning of the adopted children because of parents sexual orientation; stereotyping and views of homosexuality.

So, a fear that since there are such strong stereotypes against homosexuality that the child will be shunned because of their parents being homosexual is entirely logical. This is why stereotypes and skewed views of homosexuality needs to be taught against. People need to realize that being discriminant against homosexuals is just as bad as being a "red neck racist". Recently doing research on this topic I found a disturbing figure, suicide rates amongst open homosexuals to straights is five deaths to every one. The most rational explanation I have come up with for this is this: Peers shun and criticize these individuals because of their sexual orientation, which proves that the intensity of the harrassment is very high, and the need to stop discrimination is at a peak.

In Summary

Being as sophisticated as the human race is now, if we can not accept these differences and realize that all of the people in this country, and in the world are created equal, then maybe it is is better to leave a child parentless. No, every child deserves a home with loving parents. I believe that if you leave maybe just one child, without a home just because of the sexual orientation of two individuals, then it is like you have taken a child's parents away from them.

Currently, four states have banned Homosexual Adoption.
Florida banned it in 1977.
Arkansas banned it in 1999.
Mississippi banned it in 2000.
Utah in 2000.

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